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2019 Off Season

Its officially winters in Cincinnati, regardless of what the calendar says. We are underway in preparation for the 2020 MotoAmerica season and have confirmed the rider line up. 2020 will see us supporting Toby Khamsouk and Jackson Blackmon. Both riders will move up from the 400's to compete aboard SV650's in the Twins Cup.

The current project consuming most of my time is a new airbox for the 3rd generation SV650. The last races of the year saw an improvised ram air set up that while functional what not exactly what I would call a final product.

At the end of the season, I had decided what I needed for some of the more complex organic shapes and for when creating parts in a spatially restricted area was the ability to scan objects. What I did forget was how much fun is had to work with scanned data to create solid modes. The below picture is a partial scan of the bike, frame, tank, and top of the motor all merged into a single mesh body.

So unlike in TV or sci-fi movies, there is a bit more work than just scanning the part and it being useful information that can be used for making something like a new part. As you can see the file of the scan is actually small polygons that create a polyhedral surface representative of the item scanned. If we zoom in you can see a bit better the details are mostly on the extreme curves or boundaries.

So currently my free time has been converting this mesh into various solid body files that could be used on this project. I'll try and remember to update the blog as I progress.

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