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We've been working on this since January with MotoSPEC Chassis Program and Velocity Calibrations to produce a link and provide customers a solution to run on the bike that wouldn't break the bank and provide the information to customers in a way they could understand, no secrets here.


Allows you to run a stock style shock with clevis at the rear connection for a FZ-07 similar in length to the stock shock (317-320mm), you could even run the stock shock with a simple spring swap for guys on a budget.


What do you gain? Better progression 4.8% vs 13% stock, better swing arm angle 13.5 degrees from the stock 10. While allowing you to run a 100 N/mm spring you can easily find at the track should you need to swap up or down.


Please view photos if you are having questions on styles of connections


FZ-07 Linear Linkage

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