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We are happy to offer a premium adjustable triple clamp for the Yamaha R7.


Featuring a neutral offset of 26mm and allowing an adjustability range of 23-29mm of offset.  Inserts all except 0 flip to a plus or minus; for example, 1mm insert is 25mm and 27mm. 


The stem is machined from 7075 Aluminum and utilizes stock bearings and factory mounting hardware, with no swapping bearings.  


Easily identified with size markings tube spacing / tube sizes.  Option for lower triple to work with both R7 fork tubes (52mm) and R6 (2017+) R1 (2015+) (54mm).  Upper triple remains the same at (50mm)


Provisions for large M8 steering stops or better yet see the blog for information on frame bumpers.

Yamaha R7 Adjustable Triple Clamps

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