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Aprilia RS 660 Robem Auxiliary Radiator Installation

Drain the coolant and remove the hoses from the oil heat exchanger. Remove the oil filter to gain access to remove the oil filter joint pipe.

Discard the stock oil heat exchanger, hoses, and oil filter joint pipe.

Clean area, including the engine blocks internal threads and case mating surface, before beginning reassembly.

Apply Loctite 242 or equivalent before inserting and tightening the new oil filter joint pipe. Tighten to 29 Nm before hand tightening the oil filter.

Connect the shorter hose to the upper AN fitting of the auxiliary radiator and route the hose to the port previously used by the stock oil heat exchanger. Connect the longer hose to the lower AN fitting of the auxiliary radiator. (Radiator removed to show hose routing)

The longer hose is connected to the port on the left-hand side of the cylinder head previously used by the oil heat exchanger.

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