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Aprilia RS 660 Superbike Lifter install

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Installation of the #ApriliaRS660 superbike lifters

Needed tools:

Included Hardware:

  • (2) M6 x 16 Flange Head Button Heads

  • (2) M6 X 20 Socket Head Cap Screws

Starting with the left side of the bike install the left side lifter into bobbin mount using the supplied m6 truss flanged fastener to mark the underside of the swingarm.

Mark the center of the second mounting location on the underside of the swingarm.

Remove lifter assembly from the swingarm and finish drilling and tapping swingarm with M6x1 tap. Apply Loctite 243 before reassembly.

Repeat steps right side. Additionally, there is a hemispherical spacer needed to align the compound angle of the swingarm.

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