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Aprilia RS660 Fender Eliminator Installation

Quick installation guide to disassembly and installation of the Robem Engineering fender eliminator for the Aprilia RS660.

RS660 License Plate Bracket Removal

The plate bracket is held in place with (3) M5 fasteners with nuts on the backside. Retain the plate bracket for later use.

(2) 10mm hex nuts retain the stock turn signals

Stock turn signals are held in place with (1) M6 fastener and bolt each. Retain stock lights for later.

RS660 Stock Plate Light

(2) M4 fasteners secure plate light near the lens of the light. Retain the light for installation on the fender eliminator bracket later.

Your workspace should now look similar to this.

Feed harness from light through the bracket as shown. The light will secure using the (2) supplied M4x16 fasteners and thread into the plate lights threaded inserts.

Insert the M4 fasteners from this side and tighten to the light using blue Loctite during assembly.

(2) of the M6x20 supplied fasteners can be used to secure the lights to the brackets rivnuts. Alternatively, the stock bolts originally securing the lights may also be used. Tighten using blue Loctite during assembly.

Keeping up so far? The assembly should be looking like this. Note the red banding on the right signal.

Reattach the sub-harness, noting the matching red bands for the right turn signal light connections.

The installation uses the same factory bolts to the bike.

Feed the wires back up through the factory location and install the shouldered fastener in the rear most position of the bracket with the forward fasteners retaining with the (2) hex nuts on the opposite side, same as factory.

The slight additional harness coils neatly in the same location it was removed.

Install the (2) remaining M6 fasteners using blue Loctite; enjoy your new fenderless Aprilia RS660.

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Gabriel Vieira
Gabriel Vieira
07. Juli 2022

Hello ! Do you know if i can fit this fender eliminator on my RSV4 factory 2022 ?

Gefällt mir
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