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aRacer FZ-07 MT-07 Ecu Pin Out

When installing the aRacer ecu on the FZ or MT-07 you might notice the fuel pump doesn't prime. Above is a quick and simple fix to solve the issue and get your bike started.

Simple open the lock on the ecu pins it pushes down by pushing on the two white tabs on the side that normally plugs into the ecu. Now carefully count to the correct wire locations and lift up on the small catch the keeps the pin from pulling out while applying a little backward pressure the pin will pull out and repeat for the opposite location. When plugging them terminal back you will hear an audible click at the pin seats.

Below you can see the small notch in the terminal the catch resides in normally. When pushing the terminals back in the orientation is important and the photo shows it oriented correctly.

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Aug 15, 2020

I was wondering what the terminal connectors used in this plug are called? They look similar to the dupont conectors from computer cables... but not quite. Any idea?

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