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aRacer Quickshifter pin out corrected for FZ07 / MT07

Here is a quick tip that will also save some trouble when trying to set up the aRacer quick shifter on the FZ. Since the module plugs directly into the narrowband 02 sensor location it needs to match the R3 pinout in order to get power, ground and signal all in the correct locations, because they don't match.

Here is the finished result of what you're going after looking at the harness from the side going to the aRacer quick shifter module.

The process is pretty simple but here is a copy for the connections needed. You will have to unplug and repin the supplied harness accordingly.

This the backside of the connector where the wires are coming out and head to the module. After moving the pins you'll be able to see the shifter under the parameter NBO2_AD in the variables to set your pressure for the quick shifter.

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