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FZ-07 / MT-07 Rearset Riser Install

Right Side:

  1. Loosen swingarm nut

  2. Remove rearset fasteners

  3. Tap swingarm pivot bolt towards the left side of the bike. Remove (2) m10x25mm fasteners holding riser to the frame.

Left Side:

  1. Remove rearset fasteners

  2. Remove (2) m10x55mm fasteners and spacer.

  3. Slide riser bracket off swingarm pivot hex



Left Side

  1. Slide riser bracket onto swingarm axle hex and tap towards the right side of the bike.

  2. Install (2) m10x55mm fasteners and spacer. (Blue Locktite)

  3. Install rearset and adjust shifter.

Right Side:

  1. Slide riser plate over swingarm pivot bolt and loosely thread on nut

  2. Install (2) m10x25mm fasteners . (Blue Locktite)

  3. Install rearset and torque swingarm pivot per manual specs.

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