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FZ07 Airbox Panel Filter

Allows users the ability to 3d print a modification to the stock FZ-07 / MT-07 Intake. This does require irreversible modification to the stock airbox by removing the left side of box.

You can see the initial rough cut above required along with the final modification of the airbox required in the photo below.

This allows users to modify the airbox while maintaining the ability to use filter panel material such as uni Filter panels available through Amazon or online through distributors. The filter panel base is meant to secure mechanically to the airbox with 2-part epoxy with the filter clamp being removable with plastite screws sandwiching the filter material. The design has some assumptions:

Without knowing how many injection tools Yamaha has for the airbox the dimensional variance can not be known. Also, this surface was never meant for mating so Your airbox may need a slight adjustment with a Dremel or other similar rotary tool. A sample size of scans was limited to a single OE part.

Use of the design is free for modification and distribution under the following:


CC BY-NC-SA This license lets others remix, adapt, and build upon your work non-commercially, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms. Additional information can be found here about licensing

Print Settings Resolution: .12mm Notes: PETG or Nylon Suggested

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