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Key Switch Eliminator, aRacer and the FZ07

A lot of us remove the key switch on the Yamaha FZ-07 on racebikes for convenience and weight savings, one less thing to lose or get damaged in a crash.

The issue for doing this when running aRacer is the way capturing logged information is stored and if power is cycled on the ECU it is lost, this isn't an issue when you have both a key switch and killswitch but with a key switch eliminator, we have to have a way to keep power at the ECU until can access the information logged.

The beautiful thing about modifying something is it normally leads to additional modifications to make other things that in stock form already worked fine. This is one of those situations.

The correction is simple and I have added it to the same diagram for swapping the pinout to get the ECU pinout to match the Asian market MT07.

Above #39 needs power in order to be able to turn the bike off without removing power to the ECU the same as if you turned the kill switch off and the key was still to power the ECU.

There are a number of ways to do this. I would suggest using an additional switch so you can power the ECU separately from the rest of the bike. Honeywell 1NT1-2 switches are relatively cheap and industrial grade, really no reason not to buy them even at consumer pricing.

Here is an example of the basic desired result.

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