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Robem Engineering 3rd Generation SV650 Subframe installation

Measurements on installational for the removable subframe for the #SV650 racing subframe on the 2017+ #Suzuki SV650

Tools required:

  1. Tape measure (Imperial or Metric)

  2. Something to mark with (Sharpie, Paint Pen, Scribe, etc)

  3. Hacksaw or Angle Grinder

  4. Flap Disc or File

  5. Welder (Tig preferably)

  6. Fire Extinguisher

  7. Robem Engineering Subframe

The upper mounts have a visual reference mark on the frame in the form of a gusset. Measuring from the inside of the frame hoop the gusset ends at 3.25" (~ 82.5mm)

Another look at the gusset on the frame.

The lower frame spar is cut when measuring from the bottom portion of the frame spar to the frame the cut is 2.00" ( ~ 51 mm)

With all 4 cuts made install the subframe with the gas tank and tail bolted to the subframe to confirm fitment prior to tacking in place.

Remove the gas tank from the area before tacking or welding!

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