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Robem Engineering R7 Subframe

I wanted to give people a step by step how-to on installing the removable subframe for the #R7 / #YamahaR7

Tools required:

  1. Tape measure (Imperial or Metric)

  2. Something to mark with (Sharpie, Paint Pen, Scribe, etc)

  3. Hacksaw or Angle Grinder

  4. Flap Disc or File

  5. Welder (Tig preferably)

  6. Fire Extinguisher

  7. Robem Engineering Yamaha R7 Subframe

Start by understanding this is a non-reversable modification. Not following these directions could result in permanent damage to your motorcycle or person.

Next strip down the bike and get clear access to the factory non-removable subframe.

Measure from the start of the upper tube of the subframe that connects to the hoop of the main chassis. The upper tubes will be cut approximately 152.5 mm (6 inches). It is better to cut long and step towards your final dimension with a flap disc.

The lower portion is cut approximately 25.4 mm (1 inch) from the center of the rear boss located on the lower tube.

Remove the original subframe by cutting squarely to the tubes and prepping to weld the fittings.

You can see I leave approximately 5mm excess to both marks and reach my final fitment with a flap disc.

The Tank, Tank Cover, and Tail Section should be installed to help with alignment prior to tacking lower frame inserts in place. (Sorry didn't get a photo prior to welding)

Tack lower frame inserts in 3-4 places per insert to secure prior to welding.

REMOVE FUEL TANK PRIOR to tacking upper tubes. It makes the process much easier and safer.

Skip weld to avoid putting too much heat into one location until welded completely around the frame inserts. Repeat for each insert. Touch up welded area and steel inserts with VHT roll bar paint.

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