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Steering Stop Bumper install

I get a lot of questions about why the triples have tapped holes but no steering stops included. Answer: I don't agree with them. They are there if you want to make your own stops.

In a crash especially like when Curtis Murray sent one of the bikes into a wall at Pittsburgh and exploded the front wheel on impact, there is a ton of force. When I started making triples for Rbom I made eccentric stops and the guys would crash and shear the bolts off. We went larger and they still bent and broke. I went to m8 and they damaged the triples.

Using a drill and screw extractors are a pain. It's much easier to control and dissipate the force in something like an EPDM bumper than trying to stop motion with a fastener that is being struck and forced at an angle.

Here is what we used on all the bikes starting with the 180 bike that was able to race in race 2 at Pittsburgh after hitting a wall.

1st line up the bumper with some part of the frame and center it on the fork tube.

2nd Apply painters tape and mark an outline of the bumper, find the center of the outline and use a punch before drilling a pilot hole.

3rd expand the hole to accept the rivet nut and install rivet nut in the frame.

4th admire the new rivet nut in all its glory.

5th Install the M6 fastener into the EPDM bumper with an embedded steel washer. Tighten until there is a slight resistance, remember its EPDM you can pull the washer and fastener through the bumper if you tighten too much.

You're done. Really that's it.

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